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I use different mediums such as drawing, Painting, sculpture and performance. Through these practices I create an athmosphere that is specific to my universe.

I have long been interested in the influence of images from publicity, films and the media (like television and journals) on the human body and identity. Thus I grew fascinated by costumes and different manners to transform our appearance. 
These subjects echoed with my research about the carnavalesque spirit, a world where body and identity are inverted, transformed and blurred. It is a powerful outlet where social tensions are represented and exorcised through masks, costumes, processions...

I am interested in the carnavalesque because it pushes conventions to their paroxysm. I am drawn to artistic methods that include the context in which the artwork is shown and that play with its rules in order to transform it and offer, for a brief moment, an ambiguous space, open to our imagination.